July 29, 2022


A properly installed windshield replacement is vital to ensuring that your vehicle's safety system performs in case of a collision or accident. While the windshield functions as a protective barrier between the passengers and the environment outside the vehicle, it is also a critical element of the vehicle's structural integrity. Failing to repair or replace a windshield properly can endanger the lives of the driver and passengers.

The Development of Auto Glass

Initially, windshields were designed to redirect wind and minor debris from hitting the driver and passengers inside a vehicle. Unfortunately, due to the technology and materials at the time, they did little to protect against more substantial items such as rocks and other road hazards from endangering the vehicle's passengers. To make matters worse, whenever a wreck occurred, the glass regularly shattered and increased the risk of injury or death.

Asa result, shatter-resistant glass was a cutting-edge innovation that led to modern windshield glass development. It was first discovered in 1903 by the French chemist Edouar Benedictus. Benedictus dropped a flask with dried collodion film and noticed that the glass remained whole despite cracking and did not lose its shape. The chemist then received the first patent for safety glass in 1909.

By the 1920s, the automotive industry began using this technology for windshields and also embraced the use of laminated glass. Compared to the glass originally used in windshields, laminated glass had superior safety qualities in that it did not shatter. Therefore, it made automobiles safer because of their ability to shield drivers and passengers from road hazards in the event of a crash.

Structural Safety

Modern windshields significantly contribute to the structural safety integrity of a vehicle. As a result, they are one of the primary safety mechanisms relied upon to reduce fatalities in an accident or collision.

During an accident, modern glass serves three primary functions:

·It prevents passengers from being crushed by the roof.

·It prevents vehicle occupants from being ejected out of the vehicle.

·It aids in the deployment of airbags to the appropriate position

The laminated glass used in modern windshields is also unique in that it contains a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB)between two solid layers of glass. The structure of this glass significantly contributes to a vehicle's structural strength. For example, during a head-on impact, windshield glass makes up 45% of the structural safety integrity of a vehicle and 60% in a rollover accident. Without this protection, the driver and passenger would absorb the energy produced.

Automotive Grade Urethane

In addition, modern windshields are also installed with special adhesives that create a molecular bond with the vehicle's frame. These adhesives are incredibly strong and can withstand a great amount of pressure while enduring various weather conditions. Auto-grade urethane is also flexible and capable of bonding to smooth and rough surfaces. This helps to promote the adhesion between complex glass and body shapes found in modern car design.

Due to the fact that the adhesive is vital to securing and sealing the windshield, it is shielded from UV light, so it does not deteriorate and compromise the safety of the vehicle. Manufactures protect the urethane with a band of baked-on ceramic paint, known as the 'frit'. The frit is used in the manufacturing process to reduce thermal stresses, and it provides a rough surface for the urethane to stick to.

Windshield Repair and windshield replacement

Since modern windshields have become a critical safety component in automobiles, it makes windshield repair or windshield replacement that much more important to ensuring the safety performance of a vehicle. If your windshield incurs damage, it is extremely important to get the glass examined by an auto glass professional. Incorrectly replacing a windshield can compromise the performance of a vehicle's safety system.

Sometimes, a windshield may only endure minor damage that leads to a crack or chip, and it can be repaired. Whether the windshield needs to be replaced depends on the size of the damage and where it is located on the glass. If your windshield is damaged, GlassInc. is here to help you! We specialize in auto glass repair and windshield replacement. Our professional staff can help you evaluate the damage and determine the appropriate repair method. Contact us today and set up an appointment.

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