June 24, 2019


Electrostatic painting is a modern coating process offered by Glass Inc. in Atlanta, GA. The coating process is unique in that it applies atomized fluoropolymer paint to a surface and uses an electrostatic field to adhere the polymer. This type of e-coating has a number of benefits over traditional painting methods. Two of its key advantages are that it is more efficient and economical. It is used primarily on metal however it can be applied to some types of plastics and other materials with additional prep work. Here is an overview of the technology, process and its benefits.

Electrostatic Painting Technology

Originally, electrostatic painting was used primarily in factories where it was used to coat car bodies or other pieces of machinery. It became a standard in those applications due to its performance. In recent years, the technology has advanced and it has also been adopted in commercial construction and residential applications with the use of mobile systems. The mobile systems use the technology from the factories and enables teams to do projects on-site. Commercial business locations utilize the coating process for everything from storefronts, to ceilings, elevators, window frames, signage, railings, and gates. Residential applications include gates, gutters, furniture, fencing, and exterior design.

Gates and fences are ideal for electrostatic painting.

How Does Electrostatic Painting Work?

Prior to painting, the object to be coated is grounded or also known as “earthed”. This gives it a negative charge and is partly responsible for creating a static field during application. After the object is grounded, the painter will then apply paint (fluoropolymers) with the use of a special electrostatic spray gun. The gun then atomizes the paint particles with a positive charge as the material is sprayed.

The paint then reacts like metal shavings attracted by a magnet. Whenever the positively charged paint particles are sprayed, an electrostatic field is created in between the grounded target and the paint. This field acts as a boundary for the paint and focuses it around the object. This attraction between the paint and target causes a wrap-around coating effect. Since the paint is positively charged it is attracted to the earthed object and it then clings to it, completely coating the surface.


Benefits to Electrostatic Painting

Here is a list of the significant advantages to electrostatic painting over powder coating and other traditional painting methods:

• The paint evenly coats surfaces and hard to reach places due to its wrap-around effect.

• Electrostatic paint creates a durable and reinforced bond on objects. Unlike traditional paint, it is extremely hard to peel and crack.

• The coating process is convenient because it is fast drying and cures overnight. Therefore, it is less disruptive to a business or home.

• On-site application with mobile systems: Unlike powder coating, electrostatic painting does not need an oven to cure the paint.

• It also requires less maintenance and increases protection from environmental elements and cleaning chemicals.

• The processes transfer rate is 98% so less paint is wasted and targets are completely coated.

• Electrostatic painting is more eco-friendly due to its low VOC emissions.

• It is economical because less time and material is needed.

• The thickness of the finish is easily regulated.

• There is a wide selection of paint colors and finishes to choose from.

Electrostatic painting is a modern coating process that offers a uniform coating and protects pieces from the environment while providing a quality finish. Its ability to be applied on-site makes the application ideal for commercial sites and residential projects alike. Are you considering resurfacing a construction or item? Check out electrostatic painting first! Glass Inc. specializes in the e-coating process and can help you regardless of the scope of your project. If you are interested in electrostatic painting services for your business or residence, contact Glass Inc. today.

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