March 31, 2020


Custom bi-folding doors undefined from Glass Inc. are a fantastic feature for new constructions and also a great upgrade if you are considering remodeling your home, business, or restaurant. They will transform the appearance and atmosphere of any entry, exit, seating area, living room, office, patio, or balcony. These unique doors come in a variety of styles and offer significant advantages over traditional sliding glass doors. Made from the highest quality aluminum and glass, our bi-folding doors are custom built to last. Read about the features of our bi-folding door systems below.

bi-folding doors glass inc.

Bi-Folding Door Features

Opening and Closing

The custom door systems offered by Glass Inc. are able to be easily opened inward or outward while folding. This ability greatly improves visibility while also increasing space for entertainment and seating capacity. The systems also include adjustable door jambs to ensure excellent fitment.

Glass and Glazing

Specialty glass, decorative glass, and energy-efficient glass are available when designing a door system. Glazing adds additional panes of glass to the doors. This feature can improve security and also reduce the transfer of heat. Glazing options are available in single, double, or triple thickness.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of our door systems is dependent on the type of glass and door set selected. Systems are available in fully weathered specifications and also standard configurations. The fully weathered trim is ideal for ensuring the energy efficiency of a room. Adding additional treatments to the glass can greatly enhance the system’s ability to conserve energy also.


Glass Inc.’s bi-folding doors are constructed from uncoated aluminum metal that naturally has as a mill or raw finish. This modern material is easy to add color to simply by powder coating it before fabricating the system. Powder coating is available in all RAL colors to offer a variety of colors and gloss levels.


The door handles are designed with style in mind and are available in five standard finishes. The finish can be color coordinated to match or different from the door finish to create a unique accent.

Security and Locking

The glazing process for our doors works from the inside out so you can expect a high level of security. The locking system consists of dedicated shootbolt intermediate locks operated by low projection handles. In addition, the pass doors incorporate traditional levers that latch, hook, and lock with dedicated strike plates. Doors taller than 2500mm have the option to include a top shootbolt for additional security and weather sealing. The systems are also lockable with a key.

Weather Sealing

Our door systems have excellent weather sealing capabilities with the use of a combination of weather piles and specially designed perimeter seals. The seals work to create a strong and durable barrier that helps contain climate-controlled air and prevent outside air and elements from entering.

Configurations and Sizing

The best way to know what configurations and sizing options are available to you is by contacting Glass Inc. The number of doors and size greatly depends on the site conditions such as the location, use for the doors, wind loads, and other factors.

bi-folding doors glass inc.

Upgrade your business or home with Glass Inc.’s bi-folding doors and experience their indoor and outdoor flexibility. Our door systems are reliable, functional, and offer attractive exterior and interior styling. To see what configurations are available for your project, give us a call today!

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