October 26, 2021


Are you considering remodeling or updating the look of your home or business? Do you have a gate, fence, or other architectural pieces that could use a freshening up? Electrostatic painting is one of the easiest ways to remodel the exterior of a commercial or residential property. The modern painting process works similarly to powder coating, and it has some significant advantages compared to traditional exterior painting services. Today’s blog post will go over what it is, how it works, and its key benefits.

What Is Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic painting is a modern painting process that applies fluoropolymer paint through a specialized spray system that positively charges atomized paint as it is applied to a grounded surface. Due to the electric charge, the paint is attracted to the grounded surface, and it completely coats the object. This process is primarily used on metal surfaces; however, it can be applied to other types of materials with additional prep work.

This technology was first used in the automobile and manufacturing industries to paint frames, bodies, and other types of machinery. These environments used stationary equipment, but engineers have designed smaller and more compact spray systems that can be transported to job sites. As a result of mobile spray units, the technology has become accessible to more industries, and the number of electrostatic painting applications has increased. Today, this type of painting is commonly used on buildings, storefronts, signage, railings, fences, stairs, gates, and furniture.

How Does Electrostatic Painting Work?

The first step in the process is to determine what is going to be painted and prep the area. As stated previously, metal surfaces are usually coated with electrostatic paint; however, other materials can be coated with additional prep work. Once the surface is determined, the next step is to ground it with a negative charge. This is also known as earthing the object, and it is necessary for the paint to coat the surface. After the surface is grounded, the paint can then be applied with the specialized spray system. As the positively charged paint leaves the sprayer, it is attracted to the grounded object because of the electrostatic field. The field focuses the paint and causes it to wrap around the object being painted. As a result of the wrap-around effect, there is also minimal overspray and less clean-up. Finally, the paint will then need to cure for a minimum of twenty-four hours, but it will be dry to the touch after only a few hours.

What Are The Benefits Of Electrostatic Painting?

Electrostatic painting has a unique application process and offers several advantages over traditional exterior painting services.

Even and Complete Coating

For starters, the wrap-around coating achieved with electrostatic painting ensures that whatever is being painted is coated evenly and thoroughly. This is very beneficial in situations with hard-to-reach surfaces. It also makes regulating the thickness of the coating much easier.


Electrostatic paint sprayers, such as the Ransburg No. 2, have a transfer rate of ninety-five percent. This makes it one of the most efficient systems available.  As a result, less paint is needed to coat a surface, and there is less wasted material.


Compared to traditional painting, electrostatic painting also dries and cures much faster. This makes it an excellent option for a storefront since it will be minimally disruptive to a business.

On-Site Application

Unlike powder coating, electrostatic painting can be applied on-site, and it does not require an oven to cure.


The coating achieved with this technology is also much more durable than typical painting services. It requires less maintenance and will stand up to abuse and the elements much longer.


Some paints can be harmful to people and the environment. Electrostatic painting is eco-friendly due to its lower VOC emissions.

If you have a commercial or residential property that you would like to update or remodel, you should consider electrostatic painting first. It’s the best way to improve the appearance of a property or an architectural piece, such as a fence, gate, or stairs, without performing a complete overhaul. While traditional exterior painting services may get the job done in the short term, they won’t be nearly as durable. They will not provide the even coating that an electrostatic coating can. Glass Inc. provides Atlanta, GA, and its surrounding areas with high-quality electrostatic painting services. The shop has the equipment and experience to help you with your project. To get a free estimate or to speak with the shop, give Glass Inc. a call today!

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