March 26, 2019


The weather is warming up in Atlanta, GA and that means you will probably be washing your car or taking it to an automated car wash. With that being said, it is important to be aware of any damage on your windshield before cleaning it so you can prevent further damage from occurring. High-pressure water jets at automated carwashes can actually make damage, such as pitting, worse. This can lead to a windshield replacement or repair. Here is some information on the common type of windshield damage known as pitting. We will go over how it affects your vehicle’s auto glass and the appropriate method of repair.

Windshield Pitting

Your windshield is an instrumental part of your vehicle’s safety performance and it is important to keep it clean and monitor its condition so you can be safe on the road and extend the life of the glass. Since it is exposed to the environment on a daily basis, the outside elements can gradually deteriorate the glass. If it has existing damage, these conditions can cause the damage to get even worse.

Pitting occurs whenever particles and debris from the outside make impact with the surface of the glass. This occurs primarily in windy environments and can also be the result of other vehicle’s tires projecting debris onto your glass. Additionally, roads treated in the winter for ice have residual salt and sand still present on the pavement that can also contribute to pitting

Over time, the surface of windshield glass degrades from the contaminants and the result is poor visibility. This can be seen especially when the sun hits the glass and causes a glare. While it may appear to be only superficial damage, it can actually develop into a significant safety hazard.

Vehicles that operate regularly are more likely to experience pitting. Furthermore, windshield glass has an increased chance of becoming pitted in rural areas with unpaved roads constructed of dirt or gravel. While glass may appear to be a dense material, in reality it is quite soft and dirt or gravel can become very abrasive on windy days.

The Problem With Polishing Pitted Glass

Repairing a pitted windshield is no easy task. Some individuals will polish the glass with compounds in order to remove the damage but it can actually weaken the glass further. This is not always the correct approach considering that the method is actually causing additional abrasion and the surface of the glass becomes uneven. Professional auto glass shops, like Glass Inc., typically recommend a complete windshield replacement as opposed to polishing.

Bonding Resin

If your windshield has minor cracks or chips, auto glass shops can usually address the damage by applying a bonding resin that will fill the area. Once the resin has cured from an ultraviolet light source the damaged glass becomes fused. In some instances, this method can produce great results because the repair is transparent and is nearly undetectable.

However, using bonding resin to perform a repair ultimately depends on where the damage is located. In some cases, the repair can distort the view through the glass. Therefore, if the damage were directly in the line of sight of the driver, resin would not be a suitable option.

Replacing A Pitted Windshield

Smaller cracks and chips can typically be repaired, but the preferred way to address a severely pitted windshield is to perform a complete replacement. Depending on the shape and size of the glass, the price for a windshield replacement can range from $200 to upwards of $1500. In addition, technology, like heated glass, and modern safety features, such as lane departure warning systems, can add to the cost because they require recalibration and installation is more labor intensive.

As we approach the warmer months in Atlanta, GA, it is good to assess the condition of your vehicle’s windshield and determine if it is showing signs of a pitting or any other damage. Debris from the road coupled with windy conditions can damage auto glass and make the glass a safety hazard. Existing damage can become an even bigger problem if you plan on driving your car through an automated car wash. If you discover pitting, chips, or cracks, Glass Inc. can help you with a repair or a complete windshield replacement. We offer mobile repair and replacement services in addition to on-site services at our shop. Give us a call today or receive a free estimate online.

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