September 30, 2020


Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health authorities have recommended social distancing, masks, and hand-washing to reduce the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, routine places like the grocery store, post office, mall, or bank have become high-risk environments. Since social distancing is challenging in these places, a solution is needed to protect people while they go about their day-to-day lives. With that said, a shield or protective barrier is currently one of the most effective solutions, and the CDC has issued guidance encouraging businesses to install sneeze guards.

Sneeze guards have been around for many years. Most people are familiar with them in environments like restaurant buffets and ice cream parlors. They are typically a large glass partition that separates people from food to prevent the spread of germs when guests talk, cough, breathe, or sneeze. Currently, this technology is being adopted in many other industries to prevent exposure to airborne viruses.


Sneeze guards are essential for protecting people against airborne viruses, like the Coronavirus, and other germs. These germs are spread at an accelerated rate when a person sneezes or coughs around other people. A cough contains almost 3,000 droplets and reaches 50 mph, while a sneeze can deliver 100,000 droplets at 100 mph. Sneezing and coughing are natural bodily functions for expelling irritants in the nose and lungs; however, they can be extremely harmful to people in the current public health crisis.

In addition to personal protective equipment (PPE), sneeze guards are an additional measure that businesses can implement to promote a healthier environment for customers and employees. As people go about their daily errands and appointments, sneeze guards, along with masks, social distancing, and good hygiene are currently the best ways to avoid exposure.

You may be asking, what are the appropriate dimensions of a sneeze guard? What material should the shield be? How are sneeze guards mounted? Both the design and installation of a sneeze guard play an important role in its ability to protect customers and employees. Here are some general answers to common sneeze guard questions.

Common Sneeze Guard Questions

What are the proper dimensions of a sneeze guard? 

Sneeze guards should be able to cover the entire space of interaction. It should be wide enough to cover the desk and tall enough to cover both persons in an exchange.

What material should the sneeze guard be?

Tempered glass is the best material to use for sneeze guards. Unlike plexiglass, tempered glass has excellent clarity, it is easy to maintain, it is incredibly sturdy, and it also has outstanding scratch resistance. 

How do you clean a sneeze guard?

Sneeze guards should be disinfected to remove germs and traditional ammonia glass cleaner can be used to maintain them.

How often should a sneeze guard be disinfected? 

Disinfect sneeze guards as frequently as possible but no less than once a day.

How do you mount a sneeze guard?

Sneeze guards mount to desks and workspaces. Frames, anchors, or brackets attach directly to a mounting surface and create a durable and rigid structure. 

Do sneeze guards have to be mounted directly to a desk?

No. Some sneeze guard manufacturers, like Glass Inc., make portable sneeze guards. These can sit on top of desks and be removed or stored if necessary.

Can I hang plexiglass for a sneeze guard?

Some businesses suspend sheets of plexiglass at their cash registers to create a protective barrier. Plexiglass may work in the short term, but there are several disadvantages to this material.

Why shouldn't I use plexiglass for a sneeze guard?

Plexiglass is very flimsy, and when suspended from the ceiling, drafts and breezes can easily move it. As a result, its ability to protect is significantly compromised. From a maintenance perspective, plexiglass scratches easily and it requires special cleaning products.

Where can I order sneeze guards? 

Glass Inc. in Atlanta, GA makes custom and standard size sneeze guards. The shop has retrofitted its custom railing systems to create unique, stylish, and functional aluminum sneeze guard frames. They also have a variety of mounting options, configurations, and hardware.

How do you install the sneeze guard?

Glass Inc. will install the sneeze guards at your office so you can be confident that they are installed correctly. In addition, installation is quick and easy so there is minimal disruption to your business.

Glass Inc. has been providing Atlanta, GA, with commercial, residential, and automotive glass services for over fifty years. Their team of professionals specialize in glass solutions for clients working on residential items or large-scale commercial projects. If you are interested in sneeze guards for your business, speak with the experts at Glass Inc. today!


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