May 31, 2022


As we transition into summer, it’s important to be aware of increased traffic and activity on your local roadways. The warm weather will certainly motivate people to want to get out and explore the outdoors or take road trips to the beach! Therefore, it’s a good time to discuss some driving tips to keep you safe and review how the warmer temperatures can impact your automobile’s windshield and auto glass.


Summertime means pool parties, cookouts, vacation, and graduation. Students are out of school, and family members are in town to celebrate, so you can expect to see increased traffic around your town.It is undoubtedly an exciting time but do your best to slow down and keep an eye out for pedestrians in parking lots and city streets.

Another tip for summertime driving is to not be out on the roads too late. With graduation parties and neighborhood cookouts comes alcohol, and unfortunately, accidents happen. With that said, enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly and stay off the roads if you have been drinking. Also, take care of errands during the day so you can avoid driving at night. Lastly, use a designated driver or taxi service if you have been drinking and must go out on the roads.

Keeping your vehicle’s glass clean is another safety tip for summer driving. Dirty glass and sunshine do not work well together since the sun can cause intense glare and make it difficult to see. So stay safe on the road by keeping your vehicle’s glass clean.

Lastly, if you plan to take a road trip, be sure to pack safety items like a first aid kit, jumper cables, and water. This way, you can be prepared if you run into mechanical problems and need to pull off to the side of the road for an extended period of time. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the summer heat, so water is crucial, and you never know when supplies like jumper cables can help you or another motorist.


In addition to our safety tips, another important issue to consider is damage to your windshield. Does your vehicle's windshield have any damage, such as cracks or chips? If it does, the existing damage can develop into a bigger problem. Left unaddressed, cracks or chips can lead to complete windshield replacements. Many motorists believe that debris from the road or incorrectly installed windshields are the primary causes of auto glass damage. In reality, temperature changes are also a common reason for windshield damage.


Temperature changes have a significant impact on automotive glass. Whenever the temperature rises or decreases, it causes the glass to expand or contract. As a result, this puts stress on the glass, and if there is existing damage, it can cause additional cracking. This can occur whenever a vehicle with a damaged windshield is sitting in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Another point to consider is that damage can occur when outside heat mixes with cool air inside a vehicle. Be aware that turning on a vehicle's air conditioning system can cause glass to expand and contract. If there is existing damage, then it is possible for the chip or crack to grow in size.


Take the time to assess your car’s windshield and see if there is any damage before any more time passes this summer. If you notice cracks or chips, then you should speak with a professional auto glass shop immediately. Proactively getting the damage addressed sooner than later can make the difference between needing a minor repair or an entire windshield replacement. Here are some more tips to protect your vehicle’s windshield and auto glass.

 • Wait a couple of minutes and start moving with the windows down before turning on your car’s air conditioning. 

• Always try to park your vehicle under shade instead of direct sunlight. 

 • When entering and exiting your vehicle, remember to close your doors gently.

 • Decrease the temperature inside your vehicle gradually after it's been sitting in the heat.

If you find damage on your windshield and you need a windshield repair or windshield replacement Glass Inc. can help. GlassInc. has over sixty years of windshield and auto glass repair experience. Our shop has the equipment and glass to assist you regardless of your vehicle’s make and model. To set up an appointment, call our shop today!

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