May 31, 2019


A windshield replacement may be necessary if you have been in an automobile accident or if the glass has been damaged from road conditions. In some cases, the damage is only minor and it may only require a windshield repair. However, a shattered windshield requires a complete replacement because it makes a vehicle unsafe due to the lack of visibility and protection. Some windshields can be expensive to replace and insurance can be very helpful in those instances. If your vehicle needs a windshield replacement here are some steps to take when making a claim with insurance.

Contacting Insurance

After an accident occurs, it is always a good practice to call your insurance agent. If your windshield sustained damage in the accident or on the road, be sure to ask your agent if windshield damage is covered with your insurance policy. Insurance companies typically cover windshields in most cases.

At this point, request a list of preferred auto glass companies that your insurance provider works with. This is important because if the glass is replaced at a shop not on their preferred list, you run the chance of it not being covered. Additionally, the quality of the work may not be up to par and could not be guaranteed.

Preferred Auto Glass Shop

The next step in the process is to have the vehicle taken to a preferred auto glass shop recommended by your insurance provider. Oftentimes, it can be driven however, if there is no protection or visibility have the vehicle towed or see if the auto glass shop has mobile services. Once at the shop, the auto glass specialist can assess the damage to determine the best course of action.

Taking your vehicle to a preferred shop, such as Glass Inc., will also give you peace of mind that a professional and experienced company is handling it. Windshield replacements are typically straightforward but on the rare occasion that the replacement leaks, preferred auto glass shops will usually guarantee their work. Always ask and confirm this before you commit to their services. Contact the shop if warranty work is needed and contact your insurance provider if further assistance is required.

Windshield Replacement and Windshield Repair

While every accident is unique, the damage incurred typically falls into three categories. They are cracks, chips, and shattered glass. For more minor damage such as chips, repairing it is typically the best solution. This method is not only faster than a windshield replacement but insurance companies will frequently waive your deductible. This less costly solution is also a great way to ensure that the damage does not become worse and evolve into a crack. Finally, windshield resin is nearly invisible after it has cured so it will look as if nothing happened to your vehicle’s glass.

Cracks in a windshield compromise its ability to protect the passengers. Therefore, this type of damage generally calls for a complete replacement of the windshield glass. In cases where the cracks are in the driver’s field of view, a windshield replacement is necessary.

Finally, shattered glass is unsafe in all cases. It makes the visibility of the road impossible and it severely compromises the safety of the vehicle and fellow motorists. If your windshield is shattered, do not attempt to drive it. Have it towed to an auto glass shop immediately and request a windshield replacement. This is an ideal time to take advantage of mobile glass services if the shop offers them.

Glass Products

Windshield glass falls into two categories. They are OEM products and aftermarket products. OEM glass is produced by the automobile’s manufacturer and aftermarket glass is outsourced to glass manufacturers. OEM glass is typically more expensive and insurance companies usually cover aftermarket replacement glass. This reduces costs while still maintaining the proper safety specifications.

If you would like to retain OEM glass in your vehicle this should not be a problem. Ask your auto glass shop what will be used for your replacement and if they offer OEM glass? Keep in mind that there may be an additional fees for OEM glass and whether or not insurance will cover it depends on your policy.

A windshield replacement or repair can be addressed easily with the help of your insurance provider and a qualified auto glass shop. Submitting a claim can also save you a significant amount of money! Glass Inc. offers both windshield replacement and windshield repairs with onsite and mobile services. Our shop also accepts insurance so call us today to receive an estimate.

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