January 25, 2022


Now that we are in the colder months of the year it is very important to remember that properly maintaining your automobile's glass can save you money on a windshield repair or windshield replacement. Furthermore, the freezing temperatures and potential for icy conditions also make driving dangerous if preventative steps are not taken to ensure your visibility and safety. Here are some suggestions from Glass Inc. to help you with ice removal and protecting your auto glass this winter.


Preventing the build-up of ice on your windshield is the best place to start during the winter season. If you know that temperatures are going to fall and ice is a possibility do yourself a favor and cover your car or truck before the weather hits. This will save you time and energy before you head out in your vehicle. Using an automobile-specific cover is best since it will not scratch your paint but if you do not have one you can also use a tarp, sheet, or towel. When using these, you can anchor them with the windshield wipers, magnets, or weights.

Submerging the sheet or towel into one quart of water with a tablespoon of salt can make removing the cover easier and will help to prevent ice. Once you take off the cover, keep it in a plastic bag so it can be reused.

In addition to covering your car, you can also prevent ice from accumulating by using a homemade pretreatment. Mix three parts white vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Shake the solution and spray it on the windshield before the weather hits. Remember to wipe the solution away after you apply it because it can cause micro pitting if it's left on the glass.


If your windshield is covered in ice you will need to remove it before venturing out. First, allow your automobile to warm up and turn on the defrost setting on your climate control. This will put less stress on your vehicle's drivetrain and will make your drive more pleasant. More importantly, when the vehicle's operating temperature is reached the defroster will be able to heat the glass and remove any ice that may have accumulated. This will greatly improve your visibility behind the wheel and help you to arrive at your destination safely. The majority of automobiles are equipped with electrically heated rear glass so be sure to turn that system on as well.

If your windshield has a dense layer of ice on it the defrost system will likely not be sufficient to get you on the road. To assist the system in clearing the windshield it is helpful to apply a methanol deicing solution. These products usually cost around $20 and can be found at most auto part stores. After you apply the solution always remember to store it in a safe place since they can contain dangerous chemicals that are hazardous to children and animals.

Common household chemicals can also be used to make your own homemade deicer. Just mix one-part isopropyl rubbing alcohol and two parts water in a spray bottle. Utilizing alcohol with a higher percentage will boost its deicing ability and adding a drop of dish soap will help it to apply more evenly. Next, shake it and spray the ice. Storing the solution is not beneficial because it will lose its effectiveness.

The following step is to scrape away the ice with a plastic scraping tool. Do not use a metal tool to do this. They can damage windshields, windshield wipers, and scratch the glass. Scratches can make it easier for glass to crack, particularly when taking into account the temperature, contaminates, and debris on winter roads. If you do not have a plastic tool available, windshield wipers, soft brushes and squeegees can also be used.

Lastly, never use a torch, hot water, or even room temperature water to remove ice from auto glass. Doing so can create thermal shock and cause the glass to crack; resulting in the need for a windshield replacement.


Correctly maintaining your motor vehicle's windshield and glass can help you stay safe this winter season. Additionally, it can also help you to save time and prevent a windshield repair or a complete windshield replacement. If your windshield cracks and needs repaired Glass Inc. is standing by. We can help you with all your automotive glass needs. Contact us right away for a free estimate on your windshield replacement or repair.

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