With over six decades of general commercial glass experience in the Atlanta area.

With over six decades of general commercial glass experience in the Atlanta area, Glass Inc can handle any custom order you could dream of. Whether it’s custom mirrors, full walls, or replacing specialty work, we have skilled glaziers and engineers that can solve whatever problems you throw at us.

More Than Just Glass

Our teams can tackle your project from start to finish since we specialize in more than just Division 08 construction. Whether you need metal work, railing, or just a fresh coat of paint in addition to glass installation or renovation, we have the ability to take a job from start to finish without hiring other crews or contractors. From sliding doors and full storefronts to walls and simple tabletops, we have the broad expertise to offer any commercial glass solutions you need.

Customize Your Experience

Our glass comes in any color you could want, from bronze to blue. Energy efficiency a particular issue for you? We offer all commercial glass from single pane to insulated and low -e. If you want the open feel of glass but light is a concern, take a look at our opacity options. Our high-quality materials run the gamut from clear to acid etched to tinted. If you need something more secure, we have a variety of security glass to choose from. The bottom line: we have the experience, skill, and supply to meet any custom or specialty orders you might have. The size of your business is also no object to us. If you’re a contractor for an international hotel chain or a small Atlanta business owner, we just care about providing excellent service that you can rely on.

At Glass Inc, we believe that by giving you the careful attention and unlimited options you deserve, we can build a lasting relationship. Whenever you need commercial glass installation, renovation, or replacement just contact us!