One of the easiest ways to make your space inviting to customers while improving productivity and workplace satisfaction.

One of the easiest ways to make your space inviting to customers while improving productivity and workplace satisfaction of employees is with glass walls and partitions. Our commercial glass opens up a space and encourages patrons to come into your business. Plus, a more open floorplan can show workers that management is involved and invested in their work. Glass Inc has decades of experience meeting the general commercial glass needs of firms and contractors in the Atlanta area, so you can trust us to quickly and efficiently remodel your space however you want.

Customize Your Experience

We offer a huge variety of glass partitions. Select any hue, opacity, and size, and we can deliver precisely the glass you want. Worried about privacy? You can choose from a number of clear, tinted, and acid etched options, depending on your preference. Our extensive commercial experience also means we can work on any scale you need, whether it’s a small partition or a full wall. Glass partitions offer a great alternative to a full-scale renovation since it can quickly remake your space without all the mess and expense that comes with standard construction. Plus, we employ crews highly skilled in all aspects of Division 08 construction and beyond, that can take your project from start to finish without a need for multiple subcontractors. Custom work is also simple, including unique and ornate orders. Glass Inc stays up to date on tempering and code requirements too, so you don’t have to worry about anything while we make your entryways look great!

Why Glass?

Our skilled glaziers and engineers can get in, do the work, and get out without causing a disturbance in your workspace. That’s another reason why glass is such a good choice: it’s cheaper and easier! Cleaning is a cinch, just spray and wipe. No need to worry about decorating every single wall, since your glass partitions will open up and light the rooms. Not to mention that our glass doesn’t just look great, it’s durable, providing a beautiful solution that can last for years down the road.

At Glass Inc, we strive to build a lasting relationship so whenever you think commercial glass repair or installation you think of us!