Store Fronts

Glass Inc has over sixty years of experience handling all of Atlanta’s commercial glass needs.

Glass Inc has over sixty years of experience handling all of Atlanta’s commercial glass needs, including storefront installation, replacement, and renovation. We use the best materials available and unparalleled customer service and support to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a large contractor working on the entryway for an international department store or a local business owner who needs a great-looking storefront, Glass Inc has the knowledge and skill to meet your specific needs.

More Than Just Glass

We understand tight deadlines and budgetary constraints and have talented engineers and glaziers on staff who can take individual care of your project from start to finish. We specialize in every aspect of Division 08 construction. Unlike our competitors, though, our building and renovation teams can handle much more than glass, so you don’t have to worry about hiring multiple crews for the same job. Need us to renovate the whole storefront? We can do it, whether you need intricate metal work or just a fresh coat of paint. Plus, we take special care to make sure all our glass is up to code and tempered where necessary. All of this means less stress and hassle for you while we finish off your store’s beautiful new front.

A Custom Experience

Glass Inc strives to offer the most individualized experience in Atlanta for our customers. We can customize your storefront with any glass you need, from windows to sliding entry doors. Our wide variety of colors from blue to bronze will also give you that individual touch to make you stand out. Worried about energy efficiency? We can install anything you please, from single pane to insulated. Custom work is also a breeze, including special orders and ornate and handicap-accessible entryways.

We want to give you the attention you deserve as a customer, so the next time you need commercial glass repair or installation, you come to us.