Glass Inc has been providing businesses in Atlanta with glass windows for over six decades.

Glass Inc has been providing businesses in Atlanta with glass windows for over six decades. From offices to retail stores, every building needs windows to let a little light in and increase productivity and beauty in the workplace. Everyone also needs windows replaced once in awhile from accidents, construction code and energy concerns, or simply years of wear and tear.

More Than Just Glass

No matter the scale, whether you’re a large contractor working on the facade of an office highrise or a local business owner in need of a little extra light, Glass Inc has the knowledge and skill to meet your specific glass window needs. Division 08 construction is our specialty. We also understand looming deadlines and budgetary limits and employ experienced technicians and glaziers on staff with the know-how to take individual care of your project from start to finish. Unlike our competitors, our construction and renovation teams can handle much more than glass, so you don’t have to worry about hiring multiple crews for the same job. That means less struggle and hassle for you while we take care of the glass installation, repair, or renovation.

A Custom Experience

We believe that one of the best ways we can serve you is to give you free choice concerning the look and type of materials we provide. As a result, Glass Inc offers a broad range of options for your new windows, allowing you to customize the window repair or installation to suit your tastes and needs. We can provide any shade you want from bronze to blue. Energy efficient, security, tinted, and tempered are just a few more of the mix of options you have when working with Glass Inc. Custom work is also simple, including unique and ornate orders.

We want to give you the care you deserve and build a lasting relationship so the next time you need commercial glass repair or installation, you give us a call.